A Walk To Forget!

Having heard various comments from my friends about the movie “A Walk To Remember“, I finally downloaded it to watch. A 2002 movie which I had no idea about. Was bracing myself for buckets of tears considering how saddening my friends made the movie out to be. It was supposed to be a damn romantic movie, full of sad scenes, and tears-inducing moments. With no idea what the plot is, I watched it with fingers crossed hoping the movie would give me some surprise.


Skip the next two paragraph if you haven’t watch the movie or planning to watch it.

The story goes something like this:

[[ S p o i l e r   A l e r t ]]

Cool, popular and good-for-nothing Landon (Shane West) almost got expelled from school after a failed prank on one of his classmate unless he participate in after-school activities such as tutoring children, participate in plays and gay stuffs like that. There he met Jamie (Mandy Moore), a nerdy girl who wears the same old sweater to school everyday. Their two different world bumps into each other. Although he knew her since young, he never talked to her at all. When Landon had trouble with memorising the lines for the school play, you know who he approached for help. Jamie will only agree to helping Landon if he promised not to fall in love with her. Strange? I don’t know. Lol. Naturally, misunderstanding happened and the pair never talked to each other. On the night of the real play, Landon was captivated by how beautiful Jamie can be and her melodious voice. The courting begins, after a few twists, they finally fall in love, went out dating, do the shits that shitty couples do.

Now the supposedly sad part. Jamie actually is suffering from leukemia and dying soon. And poor Landon tried to fulfil all her wishes before she dies. Wishes like being two places at one time, to see a comet through telescope, to see a miracle, that’s the only three I remembered. And jamie REALLY DIED! WTF?! You know how I hate movies like this. Their attempt for a sad romantic movie totally PHAIL’D. Landon became a changed person because of Jamie and that’s the miracle Jamie couldn’t see before she dies. The end.

[[ S p o i  l e r   E n d s ]]

To be fair, I actually enjoyed the earlier part of the movie. From middle to ending, it was just so not my cup of tea. The plot’s a tad too predictable and the emotionless me sit through the whole movie without feeling anything. I was thinking to myself “How can ANYONE see this and cry non-stop?!!” Or maybe I’m just too numb to feel it. Maybe I’ve been feeling sad all these while, so watching this makes no difference to my emotions. The fact that this is more like a Christian movie doesn’t help me liking the movie even more also.

Plus points of the movie: Shane West’s good looking. Mandy Moore’s cute. The soundtracks are nice. And the first 55minutes of the movie. The movie’s simple, light and soft. (Read boring if you are like me, who are not into this kinda stuff)

There you go, my 2cents on this movie.. 5/10 rating based on my taste.

A Walk To Forget!

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