I guess my heart must have measured few hundred tonnes on the weighing scale. Got this “heavy” feeling since God knows when. It must have dropped out of the rib cage and got stuck somewhere between the lungs. That explains the suffocating feeling too I guess.

I read somewhere on the Internet last time, all these emo feelings might actually turn out to be health issues. You think you are emo-ing but it could be blocked arteries or something like that. OMG! Maybe the “heavy” heart’s not that heavy. Maybe it’s shrouded by FATS! Maybe my lungs aren’t functioning properly anymore. Maybe that’s why I sigh alot these days. Maybe my heart’s muscle ain’t strong enough. That’s why I’m feeling all the heartaches when the heart’s pumping blood to my every fucked up organs. OMG! All the maybes. I need an OPERATION soon! Perhaps I should get an X-ray. No. The doctor might actually faint after seeing me. The main fucked up part of me is my brain I think. Blardy wiring gone wrong. Knock knock?

It’s a relieve to know that I AM NOT feeling sad or emoing. But then with everything inside me fucked up, I don’t know how long I am gonna live. One way or another, Wynken is dying. God is so fucking unfair. Can’t YOU give me an easier life path. Open up another way for me please. Please, please God? Add in more gals too.. Thanks Dude! ^^


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