Dear Diary!

I miss blogging so much I bought a diary here. Lol. Nothing beats pen and papers in the absence of the ALMIGHTY  Internet. Not that I don’t have access to Internet here nowadays since I’m always at cyber cafes with my cousins. They will fucking fuck me if I log in to WordPress and start writing gay stuffs here like I do now. Lol. It’s rare to have a chance to shake them off like this and make my way to cyber cafe alone.

Whatever. My current updates – Nothing. I still think my life is super duper meaningless. I look like a twat on the streets and I don’t fuckin’ give a shit about it. LOL. My hair is a wreck. I don’t gel it anymore. Letting it grow as long as possible this sem break. Thinking of new hair style.. ^^ In the mean time, I would just have to bear with my fugly head. For the first time in as long as I can remember, this is the first few weeks that I didn’t even style my hair. Narcissistic all these while? Thinking of chucking away my fugly specs too. Switching to contact lens soon. If ever I can overcome the phobia of poking my finger at my eyes.. xD

Life’s been good. I think. The dark spot in my life. Nothing I can do about it. If I can pour bleach all over it.. Swt. Fuck it. I’m over it now. Goodbye to my old self. Hello to the new me.

Dear Diary!

9 thoughts on “Dear Diary!

  1. Shi Hui says:

    turn ur thinking into doing la… y not… it will b the same thing dy… i m trying vry hard 2imagine the new weng kien now… =.=

  2. kaixin says:

    poking ur fingers into ur eyes rili’s not as bad as u think. it’s actually not painful at all cause the contact lens are soft…=)

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