Yesterday I was chatting with Miss A. and suddenly the name Sasha Grey pops out. Miss A. asked me if I knew her. I was thinking who this Sasha Grey is. And why is this name so damn familiar. Perhaps most of you guys know who she is too. Hehe. I remembered after a while. She’s a porn star for godsake! A young and hot porn star. I remembered watching one or two of her *ahem* last time.. xD

The chat continues with me explaining to her what double *cough*pene*cough*tration*cough is.. And one thing led to another. Soon I was smothering every inch of her body, banging her tight ass with sweat dripping off my balls. NAH! You wish la fuck. Sadly, that did not happen. LOL.

Apparently, Sasha Grey appeared as a guest on one of Tyra Bank’s show last year and Miss A. saw it in YouTube. The show was titled Teenage Porn Stars And Teenage Prostitutes. I was curious, bored and a little eager to see Sasha Grey on TV. That’s enough motivation for me to search for the Tyra Bank’s show on YouTube.

Reader’s discretion is advised. Bear in mind that these videos are to be viewed with open mind. Note: The show’s been edited by the producer towards the end to depict Sasha being grilled by Tyra Bank and her evil cohorts.

Part 1/4 – Sasha Grey on Tyra Banks Show

Part 2/4 – Sasha Grey on Tyra Banks Show

Part 3/4 – Sasha Grey on Tyra Banks Show

Part 4/4 – Sasha Grey on Tyra Banks Show

Soon, one thing led to another. Seriously. I was clicking from links to links reading anti-pornography articles. One thing that caught my attention was Jenna Jameson’s interview with CNN.

Excerpt from – Jenna Jameson: “I chose the right profession”

ANDERSON COOPER: And if your daughter one day said to you, if you had a daughter, if she came to you and said that she wanted to get into that industry?

JAMESON: I’d tie her in the closet. Only because this is such a hard industry for a woman to get ahead and get the respect that she deserves. I fought tooth and nail to get to where I am, and it’s not something that I would want my daughter to go through. It’s not something that any parent would choose for their child.

COOPER: So you would advise young women not to get involved in the industry?

JAMESON: Not unless they had their head on completely straight and they knew that this is what they wanted to do. For my child, hey, I want them to go to college and be a doctor.


Imagine THAT coming from the world’s arguably most famous porn star!

Moving on, Jenna Jameson’s 25 Good Reasons Why No One Would Ever Want To Become A Porn Star. The following quotes are from her autobiography “How To Make Love Like A Porn Star, A Cautionary Tale” by her & Neil Strauss.

“And so it began. I woke up at five every morning and got to the studio by seven for makeup. If I weren’t so young, my face would have looked like hell after all the sleep deprivation…. Suze, I soon realized is also a shark. Her specialty is naïve young girls – much like myself… Once she sank her teeth into me, she didn’t let go. She shot me until I was half dead.” (Pg. 105)

“For the girls who get penetrated in every hole in their first film, it’s physical and mental overload.” (Pg. 146.)

“Mine (her breast implants) didn’t turn out so well…. With an implant that big underneath my muscle, it felt like fucking Barnum and Bailey’s Circus was sitting on my chest. I cried when I looked in the mirror afterward: they seemed way too big for my frame. I drank a little to kill the pain…” (Pg. 170)

“While I was waiting for my first sex scene, my co-star, a gentleman I had never met before named Arnold Biltmore, sat next to me. He had a soft, pasty body; a porous, greasy complexion; and a kindergarten haircut, parted in the middle and combed to either side. Nothing about Arnold Biltmore turned me on. And in ten minutes I was supposed to have sex with him. When our scene started, he tried to kiss me. I turned my head away from the camera, so that no one could see me grimace…. As my head kept bumping into his stomach while I gave him head, all I could think was, ‘What the hell am I doing here? This is disgusting.’ A bead of sweat on Arnold’s forehead…swelled and grew until it turned into a bubble, and then slowly pried itself free of his forehead…. When it smacked me between the eye, it flipped a switch in my head. ‘I’m done,’ I though. ‘I can’t do this anymore.'” (pg. 161-162.)

“To keep all of my body in focus and in the light, I had to bend and contort into all sorts of unnatural positions that were supposed to look effortless… But this time I had to hold the positions much longer and wait for them to meter the light, take a Polaroid, and check the light again before they even started shooting. I was so out of shape from my unhealthy lifestyle that my knees would suddenly start knocking during a pose or my lower back would spasm when I arched it for too long…. I really wanted to please Suze, so I was willing to hold my knees over my head for twenty minutes straight, until my spine felt like it was going to snap.” (Pgs. 101-102)

“He (T.T. Boy) raced through the foreplay – a little kissing a little oral sex – then all hell broke loose. He slammed me so fast and hard that it took every ounce of control I had to stay focused and in the moment…. I could feel my thighs bruising against his. Then suddenly it all stopped. He pulled out and shot straight into my mouth. I wasn’t expecting him to pop so soon.
‘Is that all?’ I asked.
‘No,’ he said. He grabbed my hips and helped me just over his lap and started slamming me into his dick. I was in decent shape cardio-wise, but he moved with such force and speed that I was winded. It felt like my insides were going to fall out. And then, finally, he popped – again.
‘Is that all?’ I asked.
‘No’, he grunted.
And he put it right back inside. The guy was a machine. There was no lull. His focus never dimmed. His intensity never wavered. He’d throw me into position after position, and would come in each one. I was in shock. I’d never been fucked like this in my life.
I couldn’t wait for him to finish. I was starting to get sore. Finally, after four pop shots, he said, ‘Hold on. I have to go eat something.’
‘Are we done?’ I dared to ask.
‘Not by a long shot,’ he said.
I didn’t think I could take anymore, but I kept my mouth shut. I was curious to see what he was up to now. He walked off, devoured three cans of tuna, and was back with a raging hard-on still pulsating in the air. Within minutes, he was pounding me over and over, in every position I’d ever imagine and some I hadn’t, until finally, with one last climactic pop, he was done. Time elapsed: 156 minutes. …
I literally limped away from the set, licking my wounds…” (Pg. 374)

“In a worst-case scenario, a gonzo director will take a girl to a hotel room and have their friends shoot a cheap scene in which she is humiliated in every orifice possible. She walks home with three thousand dollars, bowed legs, and a terrible impression of the industry. It’ll be her first and last movie, and she’ll regret it – to her dying day.” (Pg. 325)

“In other scenarios, she’ll work for two weeks until she’s only getting paid seven hundred dollars a scene and then, finally, no one wants to use her anymore. So she’ll agree to do double penetration or drink the sperm of twelve guys just to stay working.” (Pg. 325)

“If you take the time to read it (a sample adult-film contract) carefully, you will notice many ways in which a female performer can get shafted – both literally and metaphorically.” (Pg. 353)

Read the full article here.

It was indeed a good read plus it gave me new perspective into the life of a porn star. I was often wondering why the hell would people wanna act in pornos and let the whole world see their *ahem*. I figured if they wanna show it, I might as well watch it. They wouldn’t want their “efforts” to go down the drain, right? I can imagine you people yucks’ing, eee’ing and yirr’ing me, saying I watch porns. GTFO my blog if you never watched it before! At least I’m not afraid to admit it. Hehe.

However informative or eye-opening the articles was, it still haven’t changed my views on watching porns. At least now when I watch porns, I will be thinking “Oh my, what could have forced this beautiful young lady into the pornography industry.”

PS: Sorry to disappoint some of you waiting to see me publish pornography materials on my blog.. Mama says read more, less porns.. xD


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