Scam Alert!

Before I forget, I received a call 2 days earlier. The phone screen showed the number “0301”, which means it’s an international call. Was groggily into half an hour of sleep when the phone rang. Picked it up and was pleasantly surprised by a sweet sounding girl. China accent some more! So, not scolding her for disturbing my sleep. Anyway back to the story:

I didn’t know what or who or where she introduced herself as/from. Was blur. I only knew she’s Chinese based on her accent. Said she’s from some computer company doing a survey ‘cos they are opening a new branch here at Malaysia. Knew something was wrong. But then, since she sounded ‘pretty’ on the phone, I played along with her lol! Answered some of her questions, gave her fake infos… After wishing me good luck and everything, the call ended.

Out of curiosity, I googled this and found forums with stories similar to mine. They are supposed to call me one week later to inform me I won some BIG prize. And the bank account numbers and stuffs. You know, the usual scam details.

Til now, I haven’t thought of how to retort back when they call next week. Any ideas anyone? How to fool them back or anything? Hehehe… xD

People. If you get any such calls, please be advised that this is a scam. You didn’t win any prize. Be smart. Just some info to expose this scam. Somehow. If people read my blog. Serve them right for not reading my blog from time to time.

Scam Alert!

2 thoughts on “Scam Alert!

  1. rey says:

    lolx…keep telling them…REALLY AH!!!I WON???DUN BLUFF ME WEIIII!!!I WON!!!!YAHOOO!!!!den hang up straight away….syok sendiri mah!

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