Not-So-Zero-Fat Intake!

Starting from this very moment. Lasting one whole week. Or maybe two. I won’t be eating anything with fats at all! Oats, cereals, fruits, whatever. Just won’t be anything with a single ounce of fat! Diet oosh!

Scrap that. Shiet. Haha. The temptations are caving in on me. I give up. Fat fat food. Here I come!

Not-So-Zero-Fat Intake!

5 thoughts on “Not-So-Zero-Fat Intake!

  1. Karen4ever says:

    LOL!!!!weng kien ar weng kien….diet ur head lar…i also havent diet…u where can DIET!!!!!!><…hrm…btw,happy to see tat u r not on DIET anymore…..pls lar eat k!!!=))

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