All the country’s a circus, and all the politicians merely clowns” as Shakespeare once said in As You Like It, 1600. Haha.. Okay that’s not exactly what he said. The politic arena is not for the faint-hearted as people can actually die from laughing too much at fellow politicians. Who could endure so much jokes in one day eh? Day in day out, politicians in our country are a making a fool out of themselves in the newspaper. No examples given to support this statement. I don’t wanna get caught by ISA for seditious acts.. xD

Racism, incapable fools, scandals, newspaper without freedom of information, cover ups, and the twist & turns in the Government. Do we see all that 10years ago? Why are we being led by these people? I bet I could do better.. LOL. What happened to Vision 2020? I’d always thought Wawasan 2020 was a far-fetched dream last time. And the thoughts still remains the same to this day. What has changed? Nothing.

I wonder what will happen to us in these few years. Only time will tell. Please please please don’t let stupid people into politics anymore. Please please please eradicate all the stupid people in the politics now. We had enough of that. Unless radical changes are made, God bless us all. Omitofut~ Hahahaha!


Note to myself: Yay,  I finally wrote something “political” in my blog… Hope I won’t get into trouble with this. Hehe.. ^^

Note to you readers: Muackxzz~ I love you all.. Keep the comments coming. Wakaka. I’m feeling high high d~ Swtt!


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