I Just Like It!

The previous Gundam post seems to be garnering interest from a lot of people. I don’t know. Maybe people think I’m childish or whatever. Let me tell you this: F u c k Y o u ! I D o n ‘ t C a r e ! I just like assembling things. Not only Gundam model though.. By the way, that’s my second Gundam.. xD

Those DIY closets, shelves etc.. Model cars, ships.. Remember those Vico robots last time? I love them too! xD I might not have many collections like those hardcore collectors do. I just assemble whatever I can lay my hands on… ^^ It just gets more and more expensive as I grow up.. Haha.

It’s the feeling of accomplishment that I love most from doing this. Building something from scratch… And seeing the end results makes me even happier! Ahh.. No point telling you.. Go experience it yourself. Go get yourself a nice set of Gundam! xD

I Just Like It!

2 thoughts on “I Just Like It!

  1. Shi Hui says:

    chill chill… who said it’s childish??? i know someone who spent thousands on those models… a collector in fact… next time if i buy smth from ikea, i’ll call u for help… 😛

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