Stoopid Me!

I think I’m getting more and more stupid by the days. I just got this dumbed-down feelings in my head. You know, the feeling where your brain doesn’t generate anything productive at all. The engines are not firing on all cylinders. There’s a huge pile of rust in my head. And worst of all, I’m feeling pretty lifeless here.

Is it because of the lack of nutritions from all the Maggi mees I’m eating? Or the irregular messed up sleeping hour? Sleeping with pillows covering my face, lack of oxygen? Lack of activities? I’m pretty sure it’s a bit of everything I mentioned just now.. Hehe.

Had this stupid feeling for quite a while now. Sure, I can still crap up all the assignments report last semester. Last minute 2 week rush for 4 assignments. No problems coming up with answers for finals examination. Bla bla bla.. It’s just that the quality isn’t there. It’s lacking wits and sharpness.

And my response is uber slow nowadays! There seems to be a 2-3seconds lag between my perception and thoughts processing. When asked to come up with anything associated to “grey” last night, I just sat there, looking dumb with mind at loss. The closest thing I can thought of is “silver”. Wtf?! And it isn’t even related.. -____-!!

I gotta do lotsa mental exercise from now on. Sudoku sounds nice. Perhaps a little more blogging? My posts are getting lesser by the month. Couldn’t come up with anything interesting to write. Eat less Maggi, moderate my sleep habit, exercise more! Gotta sharpen up my mind before it goes dead again..

Stoopid Me!

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