Random Thoughts!

‘Mutilation’ seems to be a really nice word.. Hmm?

The love has turned ugly..

The douchest of douchebags here have the hottest chick in their arm. What they’ve got that I don’t have is money. The world is so unfair.. T.T

There’s something about mainland Chinese gal’s accent that turned me on.. Lol.

I hate the Viets, Indons customers here.. Uncivilised.

Working here ain’t as fun as I thought it would be..

There’s absolutely no pretty gals here where I work.. Zzz.

Random Thoughts!

One thought on “Random Thoughts!

  1. Neo says:

    welcome to the world of capitalism !!!…so now, study hard,get goood grades then get a good job that pays really well…then u can b like them…

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