And so I went to a fortune teller today! LOL.. I can hear you people saying me sot-plug dy… -___-!! Well, I had extra free time while waiting for bus to Kampar at Pudu Raya this morning.. Walked around Petaling Street area and saw a palm-reader. Out of curiosity and costing only rm9, what the hell why not?! xD

What he, the palm-reader mentioned at the beginning convinced me to listen on..

“You are too straight for your own good. And bad tempered too.”

Kena 2headshots. Lol.. After further flipping through my palms, here’s what he said about me:

Academics: I’m smart okay.. No doubt. Smarter than average. Can be doctor, engineer, lawyer etc etc anywhere in the world. I didn’t make this up okay? Word by word I typed out according to him. There’s some divine light shining upon me.. LOL! Blessing my every undertakings. 2words: WORK HARD.

Career choice: Interestingly enough, it’s not doctor or lawyer he recommended. Asked me to go into politics. Asked me to lead MCA in times of trouble. Another LOLOL! How can I be in politics when I don’t even give a damn about who fight who in the Government now. Dog eat dog world isn’t for me. But then, I’m starting to take notice of political happenings in the country because of him. Who knows I might really be a politician when I graduated. HAHAHA..

Life: I’ll be god-damn successful in my forties. Hope so… xD And I’m blessed like a 9-lives cat. Meaning: I won’t die in any dangerous situation. I’m able to recall a few near death experience which I obviously didn’t die from it. No kidding. I used to think why am I like a 9-lives cat even before he mentioned it. Serious shit. He just double confirmed my thinking. Lucky life?

Girls: Best part. Even better part later! Hehe.. He said, there are 2 gals in my life. Previous one was like come and go type. No serious attachment. The goodbye-after-a-while type. Sorry to someone.. I’m not the one who said this.. =) The 2nd one: HER! This is the one! Go for it! Gambade til the end. The relationship will last looooooooooooooooooong. I’m so motivated to court her now! If what he said come true, I’ll treat him abalone and shark fins for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And supper too.. xD

Future wife wives: Bestest part! I’m so having 2wives in my life! LOLOLOLOLOL! BUt wait.. If she’s my 1st wife, how can I be having a 2nd one? I’m so gonna be killed by her. Wakaka.. And I’d like to think of myself as very loyal type. And I don’t want to be “Tang Xin Feng Bao 3″… xD

Financial: Money flow not that great. Always wasting money and stuffs. Recommended me to put money into different bank accounts to channel their luck to me. And asked me not to gamble. Confirm lose -___-!! But told me it’s okay for me to open a casino.. WTF?! Oh, he gave me a few numbers for Toto 4d, 5d, 6d and Toto Mega. Hahaha.. Had no idea how to buy numbers at all. Am soooo going into Toto shop on Wednesday! Who knows I might just get lucky for my first time? Hehe..

Life Expectancy: I live til 93 years old.. -_________________-!! Good thing it was quite a big number. What if he were to tell me, I’m dying at the age of 30? Damn damn sweat.

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned above was just for the sake of fun only. I only believe 100% in the Girls part. Wakaka..

What did your fortune cookie say today? =)


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