Because I’m bored!

Have you ever popped this question to your parents before when you were a lil’ kid:

“Where do babies/you come from?”

Managed to bring a smile to myself thinking of the past. Ahh.. The good ol’ times. Just being stupid lil’ kid with nothing to worry about.. xD

I remembered vaguely when I first asked my parents the big question. I was around 7-8 years old at that time. My mum grinned to my dad. I don’t understand it back then.. Lol. And then dad, took out pen and papers and tried to explain it to me in terms of sperms & ovum.. Sperms from men and ovums from women. How they combined to form an embryo.. And I asked how on earth did the sperms and ovum get together? Dad speechless, mum too. LOL. Wtf?! If I’m not at campus pc lab now, I would be bursting in laughter now! Unfazed, i continued asking. Dad gave me the standard answer I think every parents gave to their child – You will know when you grow up.. -___-!!

That was dad’s version of answer. Mum came up with a simpler answer to my question:

Aiya son, we pick you up from garbage bin one lar… -__________-!!

Hate it when i thought of how mum always tricked me when I was little. Well, that’s another post for another time.. Reminiscence.. Aww.. What’s yours? Hehe..

Because I’m bored!


Attended 8am class today. Hoho.. Felt guilty missing classes too often.. xD It’s not the gay-ass class anyway. So, here I am at campus ^^

Arrived 30minutes late, in the mood to listen attentively to lecture. I’m such good student.. Hehe. Went to reading room after morning class. Have to wait til 1230pm for the next class.. zzz. Was reading life-span development for about 50minutes and suddenly an overwhelming phang of moodiness overcame me. Wtf?!

Suddenly no mood to do anything. Was thinking of her again.. Fantasizing… Day-dreaming… -___-!!

Arggghhhhhhhh… Sot-plug me!


Words of Wisdom!

I know I’ve been whining alot in my blog lately. For those who got sick of reading my whining – I don’t care!

Warning: Do not read further on if you do not want to be influenced by my distorted logics and thinkings!

Life sucks, yea. But I gotta deal with it as it comes. Emerging as a victor after every ordeal makes me stronger – mentally. Experience, they say is the key to growing up, makes you wiser in dealing with situations. I agree. Bad experiences.. So what? Time heals everything. Tried and tested. No arguments please. In matter of  seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or maybe months, what seemed so bad at the moment would appear almost nonsensical-like to you.

Sometimes, I hold on to things too tightly. Not knowing when to let go and when to reel the line back in. You pull the line too tight, it snaps! Simple. But I failed to realise that simplicity before this. Made a mess out of my life. Being too stubborn in certain situations didn’t help either. Instead some asswipes took this opportunity to inflict few more stabs on my wound. Never, never let this happen to you. Once you identified the asswipe, cut off all ties with him/her.

To be continued..

Words of Wisdom!


And so Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan in the Olympic badminton finals. How could he lose to a ‘zero egg’?Wtf?! Unfathomable.. While everyone was sooooooo busy watching Olympics on TV, I on the other hand was sleeping soundly on my bed. Heard the news from a friend when I went to her house.. Even gals are watching Olympic’s badminton.. -___-!!

I’m not sad because Malaysia lost the only hope for a gold in any sports in Olympic.. How pathetic does that sound to you? I’m sad because there will be no public holiday tomorrow!! Heard from some dude, if Malaysia managed to somehow win a gold medal, there will be a holiday.. So, there goes my off-day.. Hate you, Lee Chong Wei!!

For you outdated fellas who never read the news or anything, here’s the results:

LIn Dan won 21-12, 21-8 in straight two sets.


Gunners Reloaded!

Move aside Olympics! Here comes EPL’s new season!

Le Gunners Boss!
Le Gunners Boss!

New season of English Premier League has started again and as usual I’ll be rooting for Arsenal! Go go go go Arsenal! Chelsea and Man Utd? Prepare to bite Arsenal’s dust… Wakaka!

With a stronger than ever team, the season looks promising enough for the Gunners. New signing, Samir Nasri got off to a winning debut by scoring the only goal in the opening match against West Brom. Keeping my finger crossed to see more sensational stuffs from the super-duper-omg-he’s-so-fuckingtastic french midfielder!

Samir Nasri celebrating his debut goal!
Samir Nasri all-smiles with his debut goal!

Plus the regular pros in the name of Adebayor, Fabregas, Van Persie, Toure bla bla bla… Come to think of it, there are no noobs in Arsenal.. xD

Fabregas, Toure, Van Persie & Adebayor
Epitome of greatness: Fabregas, Toure, Van Persie & Adebayor

And hopefully hot prospects such as Carlos Vela, Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott will be able to strut their potentials at Emirates Stadium too.

Ramsey, Walcott and Vela
Young Gooners: Ramsey, Walcott and Vela

Seriously if Arsenal is able to play like last season and keeping the momentum til the end of season, Arsenal would have a few piece of silverwares to parade in London streets. With new season comes new hope, new expectations and new trophies!

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Gunners Reloaded!