The Last Lecture!

Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch [1960 – 2008] gave his last lecture at the Uni on September 18, 2007 before a packed McConomy Auditorium. In his moving presentation, “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” Pausch talked about his lessons learned and gave advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal goals.

Oh, a warning: This is a 1 hour 16 minutes long video. I sat through it, why not you? Cheers!

Inspiring I guess.. Found this when I was blog-hopping. Had noticed it in the blogosphere some times back, but paid no attention to it. Later *as in few days later* one of my lecturer suggested his book and this perked my interest. Wasn’t in the mood to listen completely.. Caught bits by bits.. Rather interesting. I might give it another listen.. Soon. Hehe.. Anyway, enjoy!

Hope you learnt something from it.

The Last Lecture!

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