Words of Wisdom!

I know I’ve been whining alot in my blog lately. For those who got sick of reading my whining – I don’t care!

Warning: Do not read further on if you do not want to be influenced by my distorted logics and thinkings!

Life sucks, yea. But I gotta deal with it as it comes. Emerging as a victor after every ordeal makes me stronger – mentally. Experience, they say is the key to growing up, makes you wiser in dealing with situations. I agree. Bad experiences.. So what? Time heals everything. Tried and tested. No arguments please. In matter of  seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or maybe months, what seemed so bad at the moment would appear almost nonsensical-like to you.

Sometimes, I hold on to things too tightly. Not knowing when to let go and when to reel the line back in. You pull the line too tight, it snaps! Simple. But I failed to realise that simplicity before this. Made a mess out of my life. Being too stubborn in certain situations didn’t help either. Instead some asswipes took this opportunity to inflict few more stabs on my wound. Never, never let this happen to you. Once you identified the asswipe, cut off all ties with him/her.

To be continued..

Words of Wisdom!

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