Because I’m bored!

Have you ever popped this question to your parents before when you were a lil’ kid:

“Where do babies/you come from?”

Managed to bring a smile to myself thinking of the past. Ahh.. The good ol’ times. Just being stupid lil’ kid with nothing to worry about.. xD

I remembered vaguely when I first asked my parents the big question. I was around 7-8 years old at that time. My mum grinned to my dad. I don’t understand it back then.. Lol. And then dad, took out pen and papers and tried to explain it to me in terms of sperms & ovum.. Sperms from men and ovums from women. How they combined to form an embryo.. And I asked how on earth did the sperms and ovum get together? Dad speechless, mum too. LOL. Wtf?! If I’m not at campus pc lab now, I would be bursting in laughter now! Unfazed, i continued asking. Dad gave me the standard answer I think every parents gave to their child – You will know when you grow up.. -___-!!

That was dad’s version of answer. Mum came up with a simpler answer to my question:

Aiya son, we pick you up from garbage bin one lar… -__________-!!

Hate it when i thought of how mum always tricked me when I was little. Well, that’s another post for another time.. Reminiscence.. Aww.. What’s yours? Hehe..

Because I’m bored!

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