And so Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan in the Olympic badminton finals. How could he lose to a ‘zero egg’?Wtf?! Unfathomable.. While everyone was sooooooo busy watching Olympics on TV, I on the other hand was sleeping soundly on my bed. Heard the news from a friend when I went to her house.. Even gals are watching Olympic’s badminton.. -___-!!

I’m not sad because Malaysia lost the only hope for a gold in any sports in Olympic.. How pathetic does that sound to you? I’m sad because there will be no public holiday tomorrow!! Heard from some dude, if Malaysia managed to somehow win a gold medal, there will be a holiday.. So, there goes my off-day.. Hate you, Lee Chong Wei!!

For you outdated fellas who never read the news or anything, here’s the results:

LIn Dan won 21-12, 21-8 in straight two sets.


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