Just because she said she can’t sleep last night.. I stayed awake to accompany her. Was already half asleep around 3am when I heard an sms tone. Automatically jolted up from sleep and groggily looked at my phone. Was wondering whether I’m dreaming or not when I saw her sms so late at night. It was kinda intuition thingy you know? Like I knew it was her sms even before I saw it. Normally, nothing in the world could wake me up when I’m already asleep. 

It’s not that I don’t wanna sleep back after accompanying her a while. I kept thinking of her. Wondering if she’d fallen asleep or not. Ended up sms’ing her til 5am in the morning. Can’t she see that she meant the world to me?

Now that she’s asleep.. I’m fuckin’ wide awake! 2 more hours before attending class.

OMG! This is sooooooooo not happening! My blog’s gonna be dominated by her again. Everything’s too god damn familiar. Shiet. I hate it when this happens.


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