It’s one thing keeping your personal life to yourself and another thing to spread your faggot-ness everywhere you go. I don’t care if you are a GLB or whatever, but please keep it to yourself.

Like, what the fuck?! Turning on gay-mode to the max during lectures. People doing presentation, he hijacks the topic, turns the whole thing to his point of view. Fuckin’ sweat.. It’s not my presentation, but I can’t stand it. LOL!

And I see the presenters standing in front of class dumb-strucked while he continues his faggoty antics.

Moving on to da bimbos..

How good it is to be a bimbo, seriously. You just dolled yourself up real nice, stand in front of class decorating the background, and let others do the job. And if anyone asks any questions, just do the bimbotic-doe-eye look. Doesn’t matter if you get it right or wrong. Emitting all the cheapness-aura. Wueks!

Not enough sleep makes Wynken real irritable. I don’t care. I just gotta get this off my chest.

ps: No faggots and bimbos are harmed during this post writing.


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