Overslept this morning. Missed class. Not my fault though.. Had every intention to go class this morning. If it wasn’t for the morning diarrhea..

Had a power dump that almost broke the toilet bowl in half.. LOL!

Oooooooooohhh aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh.. 
Oooooooooohhh aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh..

I think I’m immune to every feelings now. Incapable of feeling anything except boringness. Just this evening, Priya told me results for Life-Span and Social Pyschology were out. Apparently, I got 90-ish *marks haven’t been verified by myself* for both paper.. No feel. The usual me would have grinned smirkly with deep sense of satisfaction for myself. Not this time, just empty feelings.

Achievements meant nothing if you have nobody to share it with! Digest that!

Couldn’t get myself motivated enough to do my assignments. Staring blindly at the piles of infos left cluttered on my screen..


Seven plus three? Lol..
Seven plus three? Lol..

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