Haiz.. T-T

Midterm today pwn’d my ass.. Hah! For the first time in UTAR, I have no idea what i wrote on the answer sheet. Didn’t read much. Stayed up whole night but did nothing.

Can’t even concentrate on the fuckin’ paper. My mind kept drifting to her. Can’t help it. Whatever. No feel after the exam.

Slept from 3pm til 9pm. Totally messed up my sleeping time! Had to rush assignments now. Only managed to finish one so far.

Went to her house just now to find Priya.

Saw her in her room. It seems she threw away the CJ7 soft toy I gave her already. No where to be seen. Sad. I can’t even compare my to the Doraemon* on her shelf. Do we really have to end up like this? Sigh.. I’m nobody. Insignificant in her heart. A guy she got tired of after just 7months. Talking to her seems so distant. Like the most familiar stranger..

I’ve tried my best to get back to normal with her. There’s nothing more I can do.

Is it wrong to love somebody? Why can’t she open up her heart to me?

Too busy to care?
Haiz.. T-T

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