Randomness… The things we’ve done together, moments, thoughts, feelings.

From the first moment I knew her til now. Ups and downs, til the very moment disaster strikes!

they seem to b real happy 24/7. they seems to complete wat’s lacking in me now – happiness

loves watching evan lol’ing. Sampat and happy. Made me happy too.. xD

supposed to go out v evan geh tis morning… wake up 8am, shower, make up make up make up… then she 8.45am sms’ed and said can change to 6pm ar? i was lik -____-!!
anyway a gal’s always rite and shes the boss~

had dinner v evan, peiyee, peiling and ‘dating’… so ‘xing fu’ me.. 4gals 1guy. left satu, right satu, depan satu, belakang satu.. gagaga. evan juz came bek from her hometown… gotta help her carry bag and even got to giv her a ride back… xD

during yc time, heard her mentioned her last time crush and the flies around her now.. lil bit bo song. am i jealous??! diu lor.. sei fo lo me tis time… yau kao yeh lo. mou lo mou lo.. how cud tis happen to me? relax lwk ur thinking way too much dy. 10wak dou mei yau 1pin…

got evan share her rice v me 😛 always nvr eat food… so thin dy stil diet.. then i lik recycle bin… =.=!!

well, last nite b4 sleep, got think of her geh… then this morning wake up thought of her oso wo!

am i starting to bcom irrational again? swt lor… i can feel some “feelings” developing lo… we were getting kinda close and i felt happy… and yet i was afraid to show it out. duwan history to repeat itself…

we both use same color but came out i more lala… zz. evan’s hair not so obvious… swt. i prefered her hair color and she prefered mine… y terbalik le… hahaha.

these few days evan seems kinda sad. which in turn makes me sad oso. something is bothering her… dunno wat has happened to her.. and dem the cb who made her feel down!

i kept lookin at her at the restaurant juz now. swt… bu dim lor me. i think she noticed too. =.=!!! lau weng kien ar… zzz la u.

i think i got into trouble again lo tis time… i alr liking some1 here. y must evryday fan jek… zzz. i even went on9 to find horoscope compatibility! LOL.. PWNAGE! stupid me… zzz. if onli i could find the courage to tell her wat i feel now…

i love the way u laugh

i love the way u make me smile

i love the way you talk to me

i love the way you ask me to teach you something

heck, I even love the way you smell

i love the way you eat, and how you always gives some of it to me

i love the way u always call me lengzai or papaya

i love the way you walk so close to me under the umbrella

i love the way your skin brushes against mine when we are near

i love the way when you are plain sampat

i love the way you hug ur piggy

i love the way u sleep too

i love everything bout you…

how i wish i can hug you tightly, never ever let go of you! holding you close to me, feeling your every senses…

But too bad… i cant find the courage to let you know all these.. Pls tell me you feel it too… I hate this feeling now! T.T

spent almost whole morning v her at library… 930am at canteen, 1040am til 300pm at library. accompany her study.. her FOC tutor..

i dun love her yet… i juz like her now. i knew the diff between liking and loving de. i alr knew her for 3months. last 1.5months were reli close to her. stil im sked… sides, i duwanna get hurt once again… i knew i hated the feelings to the core last time.

i hate tis mixed reactions and feelings lo.

no matter wat happens… im gonna persevere til the end. as long as she’s single, i will kao her! someday, somehow, she’s gonna b mine!

last nite was at her hse studying.. reading psycho. she’s doing info system and english. sambil read mine sambil tutor her.. happy to see her laughing while reading. really. and asking silly questions when i teach her english… awww.

then 2day she was late… said 10am at reading room meet. but she slept til 10am+ onli go out fr hse.. anyway its ok lo.. she studied til 330am last nite. fang ni yi ma la.. hehe. then at reading room v her from 11am til 230pm. aih.. i dunno i so hardworking one. LOL..

my blog lik suddenli bcome her blog dy… evrything’s about her. makan exxx, minum exxx, tidur pun exxx. how deep have i fallen into tis time.. i wonder. deeper than last time.. tats for sure. its alr been 2yrs since i last felt tis kinda feeling. im scared, at times excited. will she turn out to be the last one too? hope not.. i know relationships cant b forced but sometimes i’ve got tis selfish feeling in me.

im the 1st one to call her at 12am juz now! hehehe.. juz hearing her voice is enuf to make me smile today. tho 3days nvr see her dy *shes gone bek hometown*… misses her so much!

watching her makes me extra motivated to study~ lol. at least see books not tat sleepy. sien liao can look at her a while..

my heart stopped pounding for like eternity last nite. we were together at mamak… b4 tat she was sms’ing v somebody. suddenli tat bugger asked evan to b with him.

she asked me to ‘pou’ books with her every nite… ^^, gladly accepted wat she asked without even thinking twice. doesnt matter how much i sacrificed for her, i juz wan her to b happy. hopefully someday she will come to realise tat.

god pls stop other guys from approaching her. i promise u, she’ll my one and only and only and only for eternity and infinity.

was fooling around on the way to dinner. syok.. evan was chasing me with her bike… lol 😛 had a good laugh/time.. well, im happy~ ^^ haha..

somehow, ended up cyclin together v evan around westlake.. me and her onli! ^^ being alone v her feels good. side by side.. just the 2 of us..

im stil waiting for the rite moment to tell her i reli like her.. ALOT!

seeing her so vulnerable liddat.. got overwhelming feel wanna protect her. lol.. see her shoulder pain, my heart pain pulak T.T swt la…

coz got to see her face a lil longer, got to talk to her a lil longer and got to hear her say good nite to me…

11am gotta start reading! no excuses! read til 630pm dinner! but then.. now cant stop thinking bout her.. damn!

her sis and hsemates actually asked me if i reli reli like her.

wish it could b lik tis evrynite.. me and her, she and me.. we together.. hoho.

dem tired after psycho exam in the afternnoon. but then couldnt pass up the chance to see her today. cant live one day without her.. lol~ so i eventually agreed to tutor her later tonite.

she straight pull up her chair and sat reli reli close to me… asking them is this close enuf? u hav no idea wat on earth im feeling at the moment. seriously no idea… ^^,

we went guardian together.. she say buy tis la.. i straight buy without thinking… swt…

i noe its finals now and i ought to concentrate on tat but then.. lol. swt..

undescribable feel… to sleep in her bed she used to sleep, to use her pillow she slept on… the smell of the bedsheet…

relieve~~ i juz realised how much it hurts my heart to see her sad. im reli in deeeeeeeeeep trouble tis time.. sei fo. makin hari feeling makin power… swttttt.

do i reli reli stand a chance with her? tis thoughts came floating thru my head again.. dem.

then saw herbal tea egg. evan lik to eat wor.. hehehe. so ma bought one for her at home oso lol… ^^,

i can stand teaching her 9hrs without mumbling anything. lol.. if others… 9minutes oso i start ngam dy… wakaka. altho seriously lacking sleep and tired lik hell, i stil dem tahan in her presence. geng.. evrything is worth it if it’s for her. tho i wonder if it will go unappreciated…

finals over dy stil reading books… lol. if last time all stuffs dunno throw til where dy. hahahaha…

almost whole day with her. almost wan pengsan dy me.. but no way! for her, anything oso can! tahan!

we’re stil friends…im gonna get a ‘NO’ for an answer

dunno do her exam, down… i tam her. i was there for her. made sure she was ok…

studying time she dunno, i helped her… helped her do revision, chuck aside my own subjects, focused on hers…

her finals exam lik my own liddat.. burned midnite oil v her evrynite.. not study my own paper, but study her books.

her stomachache, i straight zoom to 7-11 buy eno for her…

if tis is going to take forever, im taking forever then. my feelings for her remain the same. gonna treat her well unconditionally. one day… one day…

sem break.. reli mm seh dak her

so todays cycle: miss her, thinking of her, sleep, eat, went hospital, miss her again, came bek, miss her lagi, dinner, miss her, miss her miss her miss her…

sometimes, even in the midst of doing sth, my mind will start wandering and think bout her…

i like her for the simple fact that she makes me happy.

well, ok.. mayb she’s a lil cute and pretty.

i like her to bits!!!

but once i hear her voice on the phone. evrything brightens up again.. i find comfort in listening to her.

PS: i’m diagnosed with love-sick… pls pls pls faster come back… i miss her…

oh, i felt lik a fool for the last 3weeks. too much free time let me luan2 think. now tat i’ve met her again after sem break, the feelings are all coming back all over to me again. swt.. -____-!!

new resolution: kao her! but let evrything goes naturally… time will tell ba. keeping hopes and expectations low tis time. oosh!

i love u DiGi! wakakaka.. evan added me in her ‘Friends & Family’

am relieved to know evan din fail any papers. could see from her face she was relieved too. happy for her.

it was fun to see her trying out clothes.. fun to see her asking me which size fits her.. fun to see her undecided on which size to choose.. fun to see her posing in front of mirrors with various sling bags..

kept hoping to bump into her at campus.. but no luck.. T.T

giving my everything to her oso wrong..

on the outside, me and evan seems like nothing’s wrong. we joked, we laugh, we made fun of each other. but inside me..

i realised my feelings for her stil remains the same.. i reli reli had fallen in love.. but she doesn’t know about it.. T.T

if only my hands were around her waist… and not on some stupid bowling.. wakaka -___-!!

she’s gotten quite cheeky with me recently too.. all those smses in between classes.. those bleks and stuffs.. dun understand… swt. why wudnt she b my gf..

bought for her her fav McD french fries and nuggets. treated her.. was happy to see her happy… ^^,

she takes her afternoon nap, hungry, wake up, call me. and i bring d tapao to her..

heart almost crumbled when i see her cringe in pain.. damn. if onli i cud take her place instead.. worried sick of her.

she’s not feeling well again today.. left tummy hurts now… sked me lik shiet again.

all tis is worth it when i saw her smiling at the paper.. a sweet smile for my efforts la.. or mayb the lil pighead i ‘sun bien’ drew on her paper oso..

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