VVIP Birthday!

Gay post ahead, you have been warned.

I finally remembered his birthday date! Hehe.. Happy birthday Cheng Chuan! aka my noob ex-housemate/gaymate! Already twent-ish dy this year!

We have known each other for 2,3,4 years? Lol.. Shit, I forgot. Doesn’t matter, cause it’s the memories that count.. xD I’m guessing 4years! Shit, it has been that long!

What haven’t we done together before? Practically nothing! Slept together on a single bed mattress. Analysing/”scanning” gals from head to toe. Almost nothing we can’t tell each other. Pwn/pwn’d in DotA together. Bad words flowing from each others’ mouth like breathing air.. LOL! Doing all those silly things in public like no one else business.


Although a little bit ‘bird-face’, pattern also a little ‘bird-like’, all bird-bird.. Still, I’m extremely glad to have met him! Muaks CC! Definitely one of my close-circle buddies!


Curious to know who he is? Click here!

VVIP Birthday!

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