Pwn’d II !

They say if you shit out whatever rubbish inside your digestive system, your whole body will feel better, rejuvenated, alot better. That however, is your digestive system.

What if it’s your heart’s and brain’s problem? Well, it’s the same. You blurt out whatever is inside like the way you shit!

I’ve finally mustered up enough courage to tell her everything. Face to face. Mano e mano. Every single fucking things that’s been occupying my mind/heart ever since the start of eternity. One and a half hour spent with her feels like few seconds. The whole episode zoomed past just like that. Just like that.

The dialogues used were like from cheap B-grade/C-grade romantic movies from the 60’s. Some sounded way too fuckin’ cliche to be heard in the 21st century. Anyway, I’ve been rejected.

Oddly enough, I wasn’t angry of her. Not even the tiniest bit. In fact, I felt relieved, like a burden had been lifted away from me. The feeling was like you know, after Finals exams. Perhaps I’d expected this outcome long ago. It just felt better after you tell out everything.

At first, I was worrying what to say to her. What if the whole episode turned into a saga? What if I can’t handle myself properly? Fuck all the what-ifs. It’s already over. Give myself a pat on the back for what I’ve done for her so far. It was never meant to be. Live on, be strong!

Pwn’d II !

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