New bracelet, yay!

Went to HOJB, Jusco Ipoh! And guess what? Hehehe…

House Of Jue Bao
House Of Jue Bao

I got myself a pretty cool bracelet! Obsidian bracelet! Wakaka..

Hiak hiak hiak.. Cool!
Hiak hiak hiak.. Cool!

What really attracts me to this bracelet, besides the cool look, is this: Absorbs & disperses negativity. Reduces stress. Helps to clear subconscious block.

In shitloads of stress recently.. No harm trying/wearing/whatever crystals right? Hehe.. Who knows?

Oh, free promo for HOJB: They having sales now! 50% off for most of the stuffs! I got mine for rm59.. Hehe.

New bracelet, yay!

2 thoughts on “New bracelet, yay!

  1. Karen says:

    weng kien r weng kien…..
    where’s mine??XD
    u so selfish lar…just bought for urself….we friend mah…must buy for me too!!LOL!!

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