Rubbish Bike!

This piece of junk broke down on the way to mamak the other night!


Got tired of the tyre’s squishing sound, ended up carrying it on my back!


Wakaka.. Fuck, I looked so silly!

Rubbish Bike!

5 thoughts on “Rubbish Bike!

  1. Karen says:

    hey,im sorry that i couldn’t fetch u to school today…really paiseh!!!!T.T…next time mamak i belanja k!!=))

  2. Karen says:

    haha…i felt guilty mah….supporse can fetch u de lor…sigh….really paiseh….next time i sure fetch u if u wanna me fetch k!!!=))

  3. sell ur bike la, got alot advantages ler
    1. u can excercise more, n keep fit
    2. seconf seel ur bike can get abit money back
    3. u can walk v lui, more romantik

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