New Blog Announcement!

Tadaa… Proud to announce to you all my new WordPress Blog!!!

This blog would be all about me and me alone! You wouldn’t find anything else but me here.. Totally me! Read my lips: It’s All About W-Y-N-K-E-N!!! *Insert maniacal laugh*

Yes! I’m the main star here… Unlike my other blog that has been dominated by certain someone I’m obsessed with.. LOL!

And.. I make it a point here, that everything I’m gonna write would be in perfect not-so-perfect-but-still-readable English and not ciplak *oopsy* mish-mash of all dialects etc.. hehe.

Lastly, disclaimers: I write whatever I like here and I don’t give a shoot ’bout what you think! Like I said, I’m the **star** here. Not you. Reader’s Discretion Advised..

New Blog Announcement!

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